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Filling Out and Uploading Worksheets and Documents

Note: You will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer in order to use the worksheets below. If you need to download Adobe Reader, click here.

  1. Download these to your computer…

    Worksheets specific to you…

    If you have a 1099 “side-job” business that mirrors your W-2 employment work, you will want to complete one of these worksheets. An example of a “mirror” 1099 side-job would be if you are a firefighter and also have a side-job that is close to the same kind of work, or your W-2 job is in law enforcement and you have a 1099 side-job providing security work for a business.

    If you operate a business (i.e. it is either your one source of income or it is a “side-job” business), use one of these worksheets…

    If you received an email from us regarding any of the credits listed below, please be sure to complete the appropriate worksheet. We cannot submit your return without the worksheet!

  2. Open the “All Client Packet” and your specific worksheets. Fill out each fillable form and “Save As” your work. This will allow changes if you need to!
  3. Upload your finished work to your personal Client Portal document library:
    • To upload your documents, click on the button below.
    • Client Portal
    • For new clients: On your first visit to the Client Portal login page, you will need to create a password. Click on “Forgot your password?” and enter the email address where you received your notification message from us. You will receive a password reset message at the email address you entered. Click on the reset link in that email. Enter a password for your account. Enter a security answer. You can now log into your secure portal, where you can upload your files, send us messages and view our responses and the files we send to you!
    • For returning clients: Your portal user ID and password are the same as before. This is the same portal we used last year, so your prior documents are still available. If you forgot your password, follow the instructions above for new clients. If you have problems logging in, call us at 919-781-9319.
  4. Scan and upload all of your other tax documents (W-2s, 1099s, property tax forms, etc.) into one PDF file. Please do not upload photos of documents – we usually can’t read them!
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