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Government Employees Financial Strategies

Government employees have the unique opportunity to retire while still young enough to have another career.

All government employees also have the ability to secure substantial retirement income that affords them early retirement.

To achieve this, a strong well-rounded financial strategy that encompasses:

Risk Management, Tax Preparation and Planning, and Financial Planning must be put into place.

Business services must be considered if you open and operate a small business in order to secure additional income.

This is the defining reason why our financial group employs a holistic view when interacting with our clients.


Understanding Government Employees Is Key

Serving government employees gives us an intimate understanding of their individual and business financial lives.

This affords us the unique capability to guide active and retired Federal, State, and Local first-responders and educators.

We are familiar with their needs pertaining to:

Pension and retirement plans and their uncommon financial planning, tax planning and tax preparation, risk management, business, and mortgage needs, needs that others outside of their professions do not encounter.

We are honored to be able to service these clients, their families, and their friends.


As a way of showing our gratitude we gladly contribute to the following non-profit organizations:

FFAAFF (Firefighters Assisting Armed Forces Families)

North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police

North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Association

Raleigh Professional Firefighters Association


We Can Specifically Assist Government Clients In These Ways


We manage risk for government employees so this does not have to be a chore for them.Risk Management

Reviewing current job-specific and individual coverage(s)

Coordinating successful solution(s)

Implementing your coverage

Tax Preparation and Planning is something that is different for government employees and needs special attention.Tax Preparation/Planning

Claiming tax deductions only accessible to government employees

Integrating the interaction between primary and secondary jobs

Minimizing your tax obligations to benefit retirement planning

Financial planning is important for government employees as they are in the action everyday. Financial Planning

College education planning

Debt elimination planning

Assessing your investments and money allocations

Retirement planning (Coordination with State and Social Security benefits)

We have specialized mortgage programs for government employees to help where they need it.Mortgage Services

(Hamilton Group Funding, Inc. – MLO #98786)

Exceptional loan closing experience

Fast credit repair and credit score improvement

Discounted closing costs

Down payment assistance


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