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Not ready to fork out a week or month’s salary for financial planning you’ll never implement?iFinPlan!_iseparate_red

You probably won’t implement it because it was written in “jargon” that you don’t understand. At My FinPlan you can get realistic, down to earth financial planning you can actually use – at a comfortable price.

At My FinPlan, our mission is to provide high quality financial planning advice to people like you who work for a living. No silver spoons, no investment advisors on retainer, no huge inheritances on the horizon – just ordinary working Joes and Josettes like you and me. We hold a special place in our hearts and our business for first responders. We believe they deserve recognition for their selfless dedication to service and their courage in the face of fires, bullets and grueling 24-hour shifts. A very large part of our business comes from word of mouth referrals and personal introductions from firefighters, EMTs, and police officers across the country because they know we respect their values and their needs. We’re more interested in helping them achieve financial success than in producing more revenue. We are proud to offer special pricing for all first responders. Contact us to find out the special discounts that we offer.


We’ve made our prices affordable because like many people, there were times in our lives that we didn’t have two pennies to rub together and we needed help. Everyone needs to be able to have a financial plan in place. Mainly, we actually care about our clients more than we care about having a second home in the Azores (where the heck are the Azores anyway?).Our approach is different because while we actively use today’s technology to your advantage, forming and maintaining personal relationships in this highly digital age is the core of our business model.

Our plans are comfortable because our pricing is fair and the language is in English, not in financial “jargon”. By remaining fully engaged in the process, you also have the ability to learn. By learning, you come to expect what a financial plan can do for you. With your new expectations you can evolve into the new you and achieve your financial freedom. My FinPlan isn’t the brainchild of techies. We are real people, a father and son team with over 30 years of combined experience providing personal and business tax and financial planning services across the United States and abroad. Our absolute passion is helping others move towards, and ultimately achieve, their goals. We thank God we actually get paid to do it.

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